Retreat Schedule 2018

Throughout the year

– Cape Town: The Sufi Temple (new home!). 183 Campground Road, Newlands 7700. Mondays 19h15-21h30

– Knysna Zen Group: Lotus Studio. Tuesdays 17h30 – 19h15

– Stellenbosch: Morning Bell Zendo. Monthly (TBC).

MonthDateTimeRetreat details
January2808h30-13h00Cape Town: Heila SSN and Rodney
Last practice Plumstead before move to Sufi temple.
February9-1117h00-14h002-Day Zen Retreat
Heila SSN and Rodney
1808h30-13h00Cape Town: Sangha Retreat
March16-1817h00-14h00Robertson: Yoga Teacher Training Retreat
April 30- Sept 210h00-09h00Robertson: 3-day Easter Retreat (note and ending times) Heila SSN and Rodney
April2908h30-13h00Cape Town: Sangha Retreat
May1308h30-13h00Cape Town: Heila SSN and Rodney
June22-2517h00-14h00Robertson: 3-Day Zen Intensive Heila SSN and Rodney
Cape Town: Heila and Rodney
August10-1210h00 – 14h00Robertson: 2-day Zen and Yoga
Kevin: Zen. Jane/Johannes: Yoga (TBC)
2608h30 – 13h00Cape Town: Sangha Retreat
September15-2508h30 – 13h00Robertson: 7-Day Zen Intensive Heila SSN and Rodney
October218h30 – 13h00Cape Town: Heila SSN and Rodney
27-288h30 – 13h00Knysna: Retreat Heila SSN, Rodney and Kevin
Timing and topic to be decided
November1808h30 – 13h00Cape Town: Sangha Retreat
December208h30-13h00Cape Town: Heila and Rodney
Followed by Sangha Lunch
14-1617h00-14h00Robertson: 2 day Zen Retreat Heila SSN and Rodney
179h00 onwardsSangha Breakfast/Brunch Bring & share, ALL welcome