Kensho Krafts



Kensho Krafts is the largest importer of fine incense in South Africa; we have an extensive range from around the world: Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, America, and India.

All our incense is blended pure incense, which contains some of the world’s finest aromatic woods herbs and spices. All the Japanese and Korean incense have subtle fragrances, which in many cases are made to unique family recipes. The Australian and Canadian incense are vibrant and are made up of oils blended with spices and herbs. Our American incense is made in the old tradition of the New Mexican, Indian tribes. A beautiful ashram in South India makes our line of Indian incense and further north, Tibetan temples blended the spices for our Tibetan line.

We also stock a large range of Buddhist Malas (beads) – both the traditional 108 beads and hand Malas for wearing around the wrist. We have a small selection of Buddha statues and incense holders.



Kensho Krafts is situated in the Dharma Centre at Robertson. Please phone or fax us for further details for either retail or wholesale orders.

Phone and Fax 02 36 26 35 15 or email